The role of natural medicine in wellness

In a rare coincidence, I travelled abroad two weekends in a row. As per my previous post, the trip to Lisbon was really a work one. This one to Marrakesh was pure pleasure.

It would be so easy to write about the joys of that city, its architecture, food and people. But as this isn’t a travel blog, I will focus instead on its tradition for natural medicine. Being a country with such a long history, it is no wonder there are potions for pretty much everything!

One of the days we had a little tour through the souks and visited a herbalist. In addition to medicinal and beauty products, there were lots of pigments shown. The array of colours was simply mesmerising.

We got a lesson on the use of roots, herbs and minerals coming from the Berber traditions. Some very focused on physical ailments, others not so much. I am always naturally curious in trying different remedies, so got a full bag of my purchases. Was a happy day for the pharmacist, that’s for sure.

The power of herbs and traditional medicine is well documented in scientific and other media. 

There are also those who claim it’s no more than placebo, but I just don’t buy it. Yes, I feel sceptical hearing about some tea that cures or prevents cancer or other complex illnesses. However, stress, insomnia, or other problems of the mind? Nature definitely has a role in those.

If for no other reason, think about how many centuries without the modern pharmaceutical industry. There was a greater deal of mortality but people did get relief from other sources.

Or think about the ingredients used in doctor prescribed medication. Pain relief for example evolved from the use of opium, refined through recent technologies so to its addictive nature was removed.


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