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I’m sure I’m not alone in knowing people that are unhappy with their jobs but don’t make any effort to change the status quo. There are many reasons why that may be but in most of the cases I know the primary reason is fear of change. Even if that change was guaranteed to be for the better.

The societal pressures of being in a stable situation are limiting when you feel stuck where you are. It is sometimes not enough to set goals and making a plan, it can be hard sticking by it when everyone around you is doubting you. No wonder you start to doubt yourself too.

Risk aversion is built into each one of us. It is something that helped humanity develop into what  it is, avoiding predators and life endangering situations. But in the 21st century, why is it still so innate to us? Does it always help us?

Who are the predators we're running from?

It is easy also to procrastinate, to leave for tomorrow what you could do today. It’s why I recommend people to create a vision board of what they are seeking. Thinking of all the positive things they will feel after your goals are met. Of all the good emotions you will experience for taking those steps towards change. Charging your goals with positivity will give you a boost when the fears creep in.

Little steps are better than big steps. Because it means you can savour the moments of change, one at a time. It helps you create momentum, to experience that positive boost more regularly. And that will keep you motivated to keep walking that path.

Accountability partners are wonderful resources to remind you of your progress. I’ve been a mentor many times to others, giving space to think but also to help people recognise their steps and achievements along the journey of transformation. 

It’s why I became a therapist and why I work a lot with coaching tools. If you feel you are ready to change but you’re not sure how to do it, connect and ask for advise. I am so ready to start that change with you.


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