How Therapy With Me Works

There are many approaches to hypnotherapy possible. Below is the typical route a client and I would take from first contact until therapy concludes. Why don’t you find out more? Ask me how I could help you, entirely confidentially and without commitment.

Initial Contact

It’s important that contact is made by the client, as a first step to change. Likely over the phone, you’ll be asked why you’re seeking hypnotherapy. There’s no much information needed, just what brought you to me! I’ll also take some details, including basic medical information if applicable, completely confidentially.

First Consultation

In a face to face or video meeting we exchange further information so goals can be set to shape a therapy course. You will only need to disclose what you feel comfortable about, though the more you share the more tailored future sessions will be. You will be put in trance to experience deep relaxation and maybe even be taught how to self induce hypnosis.

Therapy Sessions

Depending on your goals, therapy will be structured over 3 or 5 sessions after the first one. It’s important that your goals are achieved at the end of the therapeutic course, and so we will have a finite number of meetings. This solution-focused therapy feels good and will give you the tools to shape your future.

At Home

At the end of each session you will be asked to do ‘homework’ to help reinforce the techniques used during our meetings. Nothing too hard – it could be writing a diary or practice self-hypnosis. If you really want to change, it will be particularly easy! 

How To Meet

Sessions can be held in person or over Skype, although I prefer to at least hold the first session face to face. Some sessions may also be recorded for personal use after the therapy is finished, just let me know in advance if you’d like that.

The results?

You will notice changes happening straight away, even between booking your consultation and that first meeting. Hypnotherapy is a goals based form of therapy, so if you set those well, we can get there faster.

Let's Get Started

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