How Is Past Life Regression Used In Therapy?

The practice of regression therapy in the past life has a history that goes back to antiquity. Using hypnotherapy, regression of past life has become popular in recent years and has become a popular therapy for people who want to better understand themselves and their past.

Although regression therapy has been accepted by many mental health doctors, it is still not universally accepted in the medical community. It is also a technique that may require a philosophical acceptance of past lives from both therapist and client.

Some people hope to try to reverse the past life, or be able to learn more about who they were and what their physical, mental and spiritual state of life was. Some regression therapists practice past-life regressions that take into account the possibility of past lives and memories, but they use regression therapy predominantly to look at the person’s mental state, not just the physical state. 

Past lives regression as a look back in history

I think it is important to acknowledge potential methodological problems, in particular, contamination by evidence uncovered in your previous life. Past setbacks are taken into account when a client has difficulty explaining his current problems, but they are not something to dwell on too much. 

Like other forms of therapy, regression therapy in the past life begins with a discussion of your concerns and goals. The purpose of Past Life Regression is to help you move forward and take control of your life. The healing process begins once people access these memories to understand, forgive and let go. It honours the continuous life in the soul and connects in a positive way with the former life of a person.

Personally, I feel that regression therapy is a very useful approach to understand the root causes of certain issues, but I do not practice past lives. Reviewing the past only has a certain amount of value, and I much prefer to be looking forward on actions yet to be taken. 


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