Most frequent questions and answers

No, the sleep-like state is called trance, but you are awake. Your conscious mind will be turned off but not asleep. Some sessions we may even choose to do with eyes open.

No, I can’t make you do anything that you don’t want. You remain in control of what you say and do.

In its core, both activate the subconscious mind after consent is given and trance is initiated. But hypnotherapy is used for therapeutic purposes, to treat different ailments, whereas stage hypnosis is mere entertainment.

Most people do not, working with the subconscious activates some sort of amnesia. So it’s unlikely you will remember the process, but doesn’t mean it’s been less effective.

If you’re willing to change, and ready to make the first contact, then you likely will. Although it’s true that not everyone is susceptible to be hypnotised, the most important contributing factor I’ve seen is having the motivation to do it.

It can depend on the goal we’re working on, but typically a session would be 60 minutes. The first session will be a little longer so I can take as many details off you to create a treatment plan.

It may depend on the treatment plan, but my rate is £90 per hour.

Chances are, hypnotherapy will be able to help with what you need, so I suggest simply to reach out to me and ask. I can recommend a treatment plan, or if it’s something I’m not familiar with, perhaps an alternative.

Not quite. There are many techniques used in hypnotherapy, and some have counter-indications. For example, some inductions aren’t recommended to be used with clients suffering depression, but plenty others exist.

No, a referral is not required although I will be asking you details about your doctor, so they are kept informed. For certain conditions, I may request additional confirmation to ensure your safety but we can discuss that in our first session.

Although my preference is to do face to face consultations, I also offer video-based sessions.

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