In the last lesson, you learned how taking responsibility for your circumstances actually provides you a way out of them. But what if – even if you do take responsibility – you never seem to achieve your goals? In this lesson, you’ll discover a possible cause and learn how to overcome it.

With this limiting belief, regardless of how much progress you make, you always fall short.

It could be that deep down, for whatever reason, you don’t believe that you deserve success. You feel that you’re not good enough, smart enough, or lovable enough to be worthy of success.

This is a very devious, insidious limiting belief. 

You believe that others are worthy of success, but when you look at your own life, you refuse to believe that you should experience it. 

This can lead you to self-sabotage. When you start to get close to success, you begin to do things that limit you. Maybe you’re even afraid of succeeding, and so the closer you get to success, the more scared you get. 

Your limiting belief is that you are unworthy of success. 

This seriously limits the progress you can make. After all, you can’t achieve big things if you don’t think that you deserve them. You won’t have the motivation to keep going if you feel unworthy of success. 

You absolutely must rewrite this belief. 

Rewriting The Belief

Now let’s rewrite this limiting belief with a set of empowering beliefs. 

Limiting Belief:

Empowering Beliefs:

Ask yourself this question: Who is worthy of success? 

The answer is EVERYONE, including you. There is no reason that you shouldn’t experience success. 

Remember, you are worthy and valuable simply because of who you are. You don’t have to do anything to make yourself worthy of success. You are worthy of succeeding simply because you are you. 

Your new belief becomes, “I am worthy of all the success in the world.” 

No matter what anyone has told you, you deserve success and all the benefits that come with it. You deserve to achieve big things and make your dreams come true. If you work hard, you are worthy of the reward that you receive in return.

Action Steps


I affirm that I am worthy of all the success in the world.

Regardless of what anyone has said to me, regardless of what I have thought in the past, I choose now to believe that I am worthy of success.

I believe that I deserve to achieve all my biggest dreams and accomplish my most worthy goals. I refuse to think small, unworthy thoughts about myself. Instead, I embrace my greatness, knowing that I am worthy simply because of who I am. 

Looking Forward

Do you worry about what others think about you? Are you afraid to pursue your goals because of what someone else thinks about it? In the next lesson, you’ll discover how your own opinion of yourself is the only one that matters.

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