Previously, you looked at how criticizing yourself for your lack of great progress could make you feel like giving up altogether.

Today, you’ll discover how comparing yourself to others can make you feel the same way. Of course, we’ll give you the tools to crush this limiting belief. Let’s see how…

It’s incredibly easy and common to compare yourself to others. You look at the success someone else is having and then compare that to your own levels of success. You compare your accomplishments to the accomplishments of others. You judge yourself by what others are achieving. 

If someone else seems to be accomplishing more than you, it makes you feel like a failure.

You feel like you should be accomplishing at least as much, if not more, than others. And so, you feel terrible about yourself. As if you don’t have much to offer the world. Even like a loser, of sorts. 

Theodore Roosevelt famously said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” So, when you compare yourself to others, you allow their achievements to determine how much joy you experience. 

Rewriting The Limiting Belief

Now let’s rewrite this limiting belief into a set of empowering beliefs.

Limiting Belief:

Empowering Beliefs:

In order for you to rewrite this limiting belief in your mind, it’s essential to understand that the achievements of others simply don’t matter for you. It’s not that they aren’t important. But they don’t determine your worth, success, or value. 

You are valuable simply because of who you are. You are inherently valuable and worthy. Your successes should be celebrated, not compared to the successes of others. 

It doesn’t matter how much someone else succeeds. What matters is what you achieve. 

Your new belief is, “I am worthy, and I refuse to compare myself to others. Whether I achieve ‘a lot’ or ‘a little,’ I am still valuable and worthy.” 

In our performance-driven culture, it’s easy to believe that we’re nothing more than our accomplishments. But nothing could be further from the truth. Our value simply comes from who we are as people.

Yes, it’s important to be productive and seek to accomplish our goals. But if we’re constantly comparing ourselves to others, we’ll never be happy. As Theodore Roosevelt said, our joy will be stolen by comparing ourselves to others.

Action Steps


I refuse to believe that my value is tied to my achievements. I know that I am valuable and worthy simply because of who I am.

Whether I achieve “a lot” or “a little,” I know that I am still enough, and I refuse to compare myself to others. The achievements of others have no bearing on my value.

I celebrate my successes without worrying about the accomplishments of others.

I. Am. Enough. 

Looking Forward

In the next lesson, you’ll discover why you WANT to take responsibility for your own circumstances.

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