In the last lesson, you learned that all the resources you need to reach your goals are available to you. Today, you’ll discover that you don’t need big wins to reach your goals – small successes get you there as well.

Oh, how easy it is to criticize yourself for a lack of major progress on your goals. You feel that if you’re not making significant progress every single day, then you’re a failure. Maybe you have a list of goals that you want to achieve and that list haunts you. It’s a reminder of all that you haven’t achieved. 

Each day you feel like a failure. You feel like truly productive people make leaps and bounds of progress on a consistent basis. 

Your limiting belief is that lack of major progress on your goals means that you’re a failure. 

You constantly criticize and berate yourself for not achieving more. For not being more successful. For not accomplishing more – faster. There are times when you’re really frustrated with yourself and feel like giving up altogether. 

Rewriting The Limiting Belief

Now let’s rewrite this limiting belief into a set of empowering beliefs. 

Limiting Belief:

Empowering Beliefs:

In order to rewrite this belief, you must understand that even the smallest progress on your goals is a big win. Small bits of progress on a consistent basis add up over time to big successes. You may not be making huge amounts of progress on a daily basis, and that’s OKAY. 

Your new belief becomes: “Any progress is a win.” 

Did you take one small step toward your goal? That’s a win! Even if you only do one thing per day or per week toward your goals, that’s progress and should be celebrated.

Avoid judging your success by whether you’re making big jumps forward. Judge your success by your consistency. 

And if you’re having trouble being consistent with your goals, that’s okay. Go back to the action steps for limiting belief number one. Focus on your most important task first thing each day and seek to just make a small amount of progress on your task.

Action Steps


I affirm that I AM making progress on my goals, even if that progress may seem small and relatively insignificant.

I choose to celebrate my small wins, knowing that each small win brings me one step closer to my overall goal.

I refuse to criticize myself for what I perceive to be a lack of progress. Instead, I focus all my attention on the small steps forward I am taking because each small step forward is a victory.

Looking Forward

The next lesson tackles a trap that many of us fall into – comparing yourself to others. You’ll see how this habit robs you of joy while destroying your confidence. Luckily, you’ll discover tools to help you break out of this need and realize how valuable you really are.

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