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What's Holding You Back?

Welcome to the course on limiting beliefs! This course has the potential to change your life in so many ways. By the end, you will be a completely different person.

Limiting beliefs are conscious or subconscious beliefs that hold you back in some way. They are ideas that limit you. Thoughts that keep you from reaching your full potential.

These beliefs are often burned deeply into us and they restrict us from blooming into who we were truly meant to be.

All of us have limiting beliefs. Sometimes these beliefs originate in our childhood, instilled into us by our parents or friends. Other times these beliefs are the result of trauma we experience. Sometimes there is no obvious explanation for where these beliefs come from.

Whatever the case, these beliefs are damaging to us. They keep us from achieving our hopes, dreams, and goals. They make us fearful and hesitant. They stop us from taking action. They even affect our relationships with others.

If we wish to achieve our true potential, we must destroy the limiting beliefs that are holding us back.

We must be set free from the lies and falsehoods that we believe, both about ourselves and about the world. We must learn to see things as they truly are rather than as we think they are.

The author Brian Tracy said, “You begin to fly when you let go of self-limiting beliefs and allow your mind and aspirations to rise to greater heights.”

If we truly want to fly in life, to rise to our true potential, to fly to great heights, then we must leave behind the limiting beliefs that hold us back.

Who is the course for?

Whatever may be the goal you have been trying to reach, if you’ve tried several times and failed, you may be suffering From limiting beliefs. You may be trying to quit smoking, or get promoted at work. You may even be failing to pass your driving examination.

There is something blocking you from succeeding, is that your subconscious mind?

Learning Path

You’re busy, life is full of duties, and there aren’t enough hours in the day. Is that a familiar sentiment? Finding time for personal development is hard, and there aren’t enough lists that have helped. Well, whilst that may be true, perhaps your focus is on the wrong thing.

Age is but a number so everyone says. But don’t you feel tired sometimes just thinking about learning something new? If this resonates with you, you may think that the time for learning has gone. Consider if maybe it isn’t and what you’d be missing.

When you try and try again without success, it will feel discouraging to try again. However, whatever happened in the past doesn’t need to repeat itself. Everything is a learning opportunity if we look closely enough.

Have you thought that your past mistakes will always stop you from getting things right? If so, then this lesson is for you. Learning to let go is a skill that can be developed with the right thinking. The key word here being to learn.

In the western society we think too much about what we don’t have. How much do you think about the assets you do or that are available to you? You need only to look in the right places sometimes.

It’s tough measuring progress, unless something significant changed, nothing has moved. Such is the thinking of a limiting believer. It’s easy to look out for the major milestones, but they don’t always need to happen for success to take place. 

We wonder why the neighbour seems to always be one step ahead. Comparison is a part of life, but it can also be so destructive. Our idols are meant to inspire us rather than making us feel insecure. Is looking across the road such a good idea?

There are days that the world feel like is against us. There are so many things we can’t control, when circumstances dictate our actions. Nothing I can do, I hear you shout. Are you sure about that?

Here we talk about the big one, the sense we have about what we deserve and what we don’t. Blame it on culture, upbringing, we all think about this. Some people think they deserve too much, others that they deserve very little.

Another comparison belief. The same way we compare each other to others, so too they with us. And what they think somehow matters, doesn’t it, it comes to your mind often. What role does this play in your beliefs?

You may be told you are kind and compassionate by your close ones, but is that true? If you don’t give that same attention to yourself that you give to others, it may be something to investigate.

Overconfidence or lack of confidence, which one would you choose? What if I told you that they are both limiting beliefs? Asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of, quite the contrary.

We don’t hear so much about it anymore, but for a long time everyone was obsessed with IQ tests and scores. As if intelligence is a prerequisite of success or happiness. There’s no causality in this equation.

The final of the limiting beliefs, again associated with time, but rather about the act of starting. When is the right time to do anything? What would you need to be ready? Why doesn’t that matter?

We close the course with a summary of the topics covered, action plans, and self-reflection. What are you taking away and how will you overcome your limiting beliefs?

Are You Ready To Start?

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