Changing Your Thought Patterns

Who wouldn’t like to bring more joy to their life. You have more power than you think; your actions and words in every day life are the reflection of what’s going on in your mind.

Get into the habit of practising behaviours to gain control over your thoughts and your life.

Meditation or mindfulness is a good example of a technique that clears negativity and gain peace. Being in the moment, taking time to focus on the now, is a sure way to quiet the brain from thinking too much.

Acknowledge your feelings. Be honest with yourself about them.

Taking stock of what your emotions are today is a habit not many of us have. It may appear to be redundant, but acknowledging a problem is the first step to overcome it.

Acknowledge your feelings

Be realistic. Do you expect too much of yourself?

We want more of everything, but how much is enough is not something we often question. However, it gets to a point that more is not better.

Get support. Discuss your feelings with close friends or family.

Having a close support network separate the happy people from the unhappy ones. Simply having someone to speak to is helpful, as unloading your emotions is vital sometimes.

Find Silver Linings. Discover something positive in the situation.

When was the last time you looked at the sky and noticed how pretty it is? There is beauty all around us, and positive moments every day. Even the most insignificant ones can add up.

Put on the brakes. Tell yourself to stop the negative thinking.

The brain is sometimes our worst enemy, talking to us in absolutes. You’re not the worst or a failure when you have a bad day, you were just unsuccessful that time.

Know your strengths. Make a list and add it to it regularly.

We are unique in our personalities, and everyone has something they’re good at. Perhaps you’re a good listener, or you have the patience of a saint. Those are strengths that should be acknowledged.

Accept that everyone is unique and valuable in their own way.

Similarly, people that you encounter are not always good or always bad, they have their own balance of qualities. Take that under consideration before you react.

Practice deep breathing whenever you need to relax.

The body is unable to do more than one essential thing at a time, and stress can be alleviated by breathing alone as that takes priority. Practice it often, it’s so easy!

Practice deep breathing

Set and achieve goals. Take steps towards the life you deserve.

Feeling in a rut is something that all of us have experienced. You can get out of it by setting milestones to another place, physical or mental. The sense of achievement of hitting these goals will propel you forward.

Refocus. Change your thoughts to positive solutions.

Once you start controlling your thoughts so they are not negative any longer, then you can be creative and think of ways to make the situation not to repeat itself.

Celebrate your successes, whether they’re large or small.

Like your list of strengths, write down what went well today in your life. Perhaps a stranger complimented your shoes, or a colleague thanked you from making fresh coffee. Journaling is an excellent way to keep track of these things.

Remind yourself of your power to choose a wonderful life.

Even when your life feels out of control, you have always an option to do something different. It may not be easy, it may not be fast, but you can choose a different path.

Take time out. Refresh your thoughts with a change of scenery.

Removing yourself from the situation is often the quickest solution to attack a new problem. It lets you reflect or simply forget momentarily, and find new ways to take a new approach.


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