Category: Course: Crushing Limiting Beliefs

Lesson 13 – I’m Not Smart Enough

We don’t hear so much about it anymore, but for a long time everyone was obsessed with IQ tests and scores. As if intelligence is a prerequisite of success or happiness. There’s no causality in this equation.

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Lesson 9 – I Don’t Deserve Success

Here we talk about the big one, the sense we have about what we deserve and what we don’t. Blame it on culture, upbringing, we all think about this. Some people think they deserve too much, others that they deserve very little.

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Lesson 7 – I Compare Myself To Others

We wonder why the neighbour seems to always be one step ahead. Comparison is a part of life, but it can also be so destructive. Our idols are meant to inspire us rather than making us feel insecure. Is looking across the road such a good idea?

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