App Review: Hypnobox

I found a while back a smartphone app designed to deliver hypnosis, and improve sleep amongst other things, called Hypnobox. It’s tagline is “The Self-Hypnosis Revolution”. I had it downloaded for a while to test it but never got around to do it, so today I tried it for myself. 

The app is quite simple. After downloading it shows a cute animation explaining what the subconscious mind is, what is hypnosis and how it works as a form of introduction. As I say, it’s quite appealing way to deliver the basics, and looks professional.

Hypnobox app starting screens

Once in the app itself, it offers a series of boxes, essentially plans for a variety of things. There’s a few free options to try out. Physical relaxation, restful sleep, better memory or a session called only ‘Do it!’ intended to be motivational.

That was the one I tried out. It had a male voice guiding the steps to entering trance and a subtle background track of ocean waves crashing. The induction was long and after settling myself in a better position, was also effective as I came to only after all finished. I was a little worried since I could feel my body relaxing as instructed but wasn’t feeling like I was getting into trance. However, that changed with the countdown and I didn’t get to 1.

There are many other scripts if you pay for the Pro annual subscription, 42 to be more precise (at least in the Android version), including one for kids and another for students.

Hypnobox free and paid

It feels professional, albeit no mention that I could see to any possible counterindications. Although I liked the sound of the waves and find it relaxing, I did wonder if it would appeal to everyone especially as the voice kept suggesting to go deeper.

But that’s the trouble of packaged hypnosis scripts, there’s limited options to tailor it as they need to be created as a ‘one size fits all’ approach. On the other hand, it worked for me so I can’t complain, and if you’re curious about how an hypnosis session work, this may be a good way to experience it. 

A one to one session with an hypnotherapist like myself will be much more effective as its rhythm will be adjusted to yourself, as will the language and goal. But it is incredible what can be done with an app!


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